Sunday, October 4, 2015

Charlotte: Early Childhood

Charlotte Pauline Hovick 
(born: October 9, 1925 in Madison, Minnesota)

was born to

Charles Tornbjorn Hovick
(born: May 2, 1873 in Skjold, Norway;
died: February 22, 1948 in Northfield, Minnesota)
Inger Pauline Brotten Hovick
(born: January 29, 1884 in Fergus Falls, Minnesota,
died: August 15, 1975 in Northfield, Minnesota)

Charlotte was born in the small town of Madison, Minnesota, near the South Dakota border. 
At the age of six months her parents moved the family to Northfield, Minnesota 
so that their three daughters could get a good education at St. Olaf College.

Charlotte at six and a half months with mother Pauline
Pauline and Charlotte
Charlotte in buggy in front of their first home in Northfield on Saint Olaf Avenue
Charlotte at the Hovick family farm in Madison, Minnesota
Charlotte at eight months old
Autumn 1926
Charlotte at one year old (left)
Charlotte (right)
Charlotte at two years old
Unknown woman

ca. 1929
Mildred Ingeborg Hovick Monge (sister), Pauline Hovick (mother), Signe Alise Hovick Christeson (sister)

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