Sunday, October 25, 2015

Richard: Early School Years

In 1928, the family began renting 3137 24th Avenue South in Minneapolis. They struggled financially, so they couldn't save enough money for a down payment until years later when Richard's sister Muriel began working. They were finally able to buy the house for $3,600. Richard's mother Grace continued to live in it until the city tore it down in the 1970's to make way for the expansion of Hiawatha Avenue (which then didn't happen for another 25 years).

The house had only five rooms, two of which were bedrooms. So Richard slept on a couch in the dining room until high school when he built himself a room in the basement.  
Priscilla (sister), Richard, Muriel (sister)
Grace (mother), Richard, Priscilla, Gustav (father), Muriel in 1931
Muriel, Richard, Priscilla
Gustav, Richard
Muriel, Richard, Priscilla
Richard, Muriel, Priscilla
Richard and his friend Bob 
Richard loved the Boy Scouts

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