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The Wedding: August 15, 1953

Richard Lohman's calendar: 
(These events took place in 1953. He was using an old calendar from 1949.)

April 17, 1953 - "Became engaged to Char"
May 25, 1953: "Gave ring to Char!"
Total cost of ring = $102 ($10 down payment, $92 balance)
Northwestern Lutheran Seminary Chapel
100 East 22nd Street, Minneapolis
Charlotte and Richard Lohman
Mona Berg, Charlotte, Richard, Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson, Mona Berg, Charlotte, Richard, Rev. Eugene Hasselquist
Rev. Eugene Hasselquist, Charlotte, Richard

The Marriage Service
Pastor Hasselquist's homily notes

The Reception
Richard, Pauline Hovick (Charlotte's mother), Grace Lohman (Richard's mother), Charlotte
back: Grandma Helland (from Richard's late first wife's family, more research on her needs to be done), Grace Lohman, Pauline Hovick, Agnes Libby (Richard's maternal grandmother)
front: Richard, Gustav Lohman (Richard's father), Paul, Douglas, Mabel Thompson (mother of Charlotte's late first husband, Warren), Jeanne, Charles, Charles Thompson (father of Charlotte's late first husband), Charlotte
back: Richard, Charles, Charlotte
front: Jeanne, Paul, Douglas
From the Northfield (Minnesota) Independent

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