Sunday, October 4, 2015


Welcome to the Lohman Family Album,
devoted to the family of:

Richard Byron Lohman 
(born: April 3, 1925 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
died: April 14, 2004 in Minneapolis, Minnesota)


Charlotte Pauline Hovick Thompson Lohman
(born: October 9, 1925 in Madison, Minnesota
died: November 8, 2015 in Minneapolis, Minnesota)

and their children:

Jeanne Marie Lohman 
(born: November 2, 1946 in Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Douglas Richard Lohman 
(born: July 22, 1949 in Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Paul Wescott Lohman 
(born: January 31, 1951 in Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Charles Warren Bjorn Thompson Lohman 
(born: January 4, 1952 in Northfield, Minnesota
died: March 25, 1993 in Bodega Bay, California)
Jeffrey Allen Lohman 
(born: March 7, 1955 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
died: November 27, 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota)
David Brian Lohman 
(born: July 8, 1961 in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota)

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