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My mother's oldest sister, Mildred Hovick Monge (1907-2003), whom we called Aunt Mimi, was the family historian.

What began in 1928 as an assignment while a student at St. Olaf College became a life-long obsession. Here is the original family tree that she began that year, now discolored and fragile with age:

To celebrate her 40th wedding anniversary with my Uncle Harold Monge, she created Remember, a collection of family histories of both the Hovick and Monge families.

Here it is, available online.

by Mildred Hovick Monge
Published 1974

Cover, Dedication, Table of Contents, Preface


Chapter One: From the Mountains to the Prairies (Monge)
Chapter Two: An Evening Visiting Around the Oil Heater (Monge)
Chapter Three: Papa Charley's Centennial 1873-1973 (Hovick)
Chapter Four: Recollections with Pauline (Hovick)


Chapter One: The Helmer and Ida Burthus Monge Family (Monge)
Chapter Two: The Charles and Pauline Brotten Hovick Family (Hovick)
Chapter Three: The Harold and Mildred Hovick Monge Family
Chapter Four: Autobiographies of the Sons of Harold and Mildred


Chapter One: Memories of the Madison, Minnesota Farm (Hovick)
Chapter Two: Treasures from the Old Family Trunk - The Baptism Dress (Hovick)
Chapter Three: Family Trees

Her later memoir, Niblets and Bits

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